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Company Blog: Coca-Cola September 12, 2008

Filed under: Blogs,Marketing and Advertising — Stephanie Sheppard @ 4:17 pm

I just recently found this great example of a company blog. It’s written by Phil Mooney, historian/archivistat The Coca-Cola Company for the last 30 years. Capitalizing on his immense knowledge of Coca-Cola’s history, Mooney posts about everything from little-known product facts to customer stories about how Coke has impacted their lives. My favorite posts are recipes that include Coke products.

Started in January of this year, I’m surprised to find that this is the first Coca-Cola blog. For such a large company with one of the best brand recognitions around the world, I can’t believe it’s taken them so long to get on blog train. But now that they have, this blog is fantastic!

Coca-Cola is unique because it’s so deeply rooted in pop culture. Almost always a sponsor of anything great and found in every grocery store of gas station, Coca-Cola has influenced American life since well before I was born. Mooney is armed with millions of topics to post about that are interesting and relevant to the everyday Coke drinker.

This blog is a great marketing strategy because it can raise awareness to the company’s philanthropy and dedication to the consumer throughout the long history of the company. In addition, it can bring attention to the MANY other products that Coca-Cola owns aside from Coca-Cola and Diet Coke. Did you know Coca-Cola owns TaB and Fanta?

I stumbled upon this blog simply by searching “Coca-Cola blog” for this thesis project, and since a good friend of mine just recently accepted a marketing internship with Coke – it was one of the first major companies I thought of to search. But my questions is this: if they’re putting all the effort into creating a great blog that can serve as an effective marketing/branding tool, why not market it better? I’m an avid Diet Coke drinker and very loyal to the brand (Pepsi’s rarely allowed inside my home), so why haven’t I heard of this blog before? Marketing seems to be a common issue that I’m finding among major corporation’s blogs. Any ideas on how a company can successfully promote their blog?


4 Responses to “Company Blog: Coca-Cola”

  1. Greg Says:

    what an incredible company.

  2. Autodesk is involved in numerous charities. To date we have not blogged about it as a company. Individuals who happen to be bloggers sometimes blog on this topic when it involves them directly.


  3. Mike Perry Says:

    Hi Stephanie

    One way promote a blog / web site / anything that lives on the web for that matter, is to look into Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

    SEO is a real skill that can return huge! rewards if done correctly.

    Like everything else in life there is good and bad SEO’s out there…

    Take care, Mike


  4. Amanda Welch Says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    Here are a few more ideas for you:

    1. One way to promote a blog is by listing all your “staff” bloggers on a Blogs page within your corporate website. Include a photo of the blogger, a short description, and a direct link.

    We have a general page promoting each of our bloggers, as well as links to blogs at points throughout our site. That way, customers can find interesting blogs in a general directory, as well as specific blogs when they’re moving through particular content areas.

    2. Press kits can promote not only your product, but the blog about your product as well. It’s helpful for the press to know where they can get more information — and they may even subscribe to the blog on a regular basis through an RSS feed. At times, we promote the blog author as a subject matter expert who can provide commentary if a member of the press wants to do a follow-up interview.

    3. Many of our auto signatures (automatic email signatures) include direct links to blogs or specific blog content.

    Take care,

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