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My gripes with WordPress September 16, 2008

Filed under: Blogs — Stephanie Sheppard @ 11:08 pm

I’d like to take a break from finding blog examples to complain about WordPress. I know what you’re thinking – Sheesh! WordPress is free! Where do you come off complaining? While that’s a valid point, this is a blog about blogs, and I deem it relevant.

I’ve finally found that there’s a spell check option, but there is no way to check grammar. As I edit my posts, I end up rephrasing things and changing up the order. This results in all kinds of mistakes that you’ve probably already noticed, like when I said “Advocacy blogs keeps readers updated..” in a previous post. Why isn’t there an option to check grammar, and more importantly, why doesn’t WordPress automatically check your spelling? I shouldn’t have to remember to click a button! And I certainly shouldn’t feel the need to write my posts in Microsoft Word, then copy and paste them into WordPress.

My frustrations with this aside, I actually find WordPress to be very user-friendly and a great blogging site. I especially like the ability to choose from a variety of designs for your blog. I think my choice is quite attractive; however, I am disappointed that I can’t change the posting font size to be larger. (I keep envisioning my dad holding up his super cool, credit card size magnifying glass to read my post on the screen – sorry Dad! I know I shouldn’t be poking fun at my only loyal reader.)

What I like best about WordPress is that you don’t need any knowledge of web sites, HTML and all that stuff that I can’t put in the time to master. Blogging is truly unique because it gives ANYONE the ability to publish content. With blogging tools like WordPress, as long as you have an Internet connection, really anyone can start a blog. No need to design a layout in FrontPage or Dreamweaver – WordPress has ones for you! No need to type “<b>” and “</b>” around your text, there’s a little bold button here for you!

Does anyone use an alternative host site that allows for automatic spelling and grammar check? Not that I’m going to switch… just for future reference.


5 Responses to “My gripes with WordPress”

  1. I use TypePad. It does not check grammar. It has a button to check spelling. I am able to remember to click this button before publishing. You and I are using web-based tools. You and I enter the text locally in our browsers and then upload it to servers as we click on icons. It is not exactly the same as Microsoft Word where we have installed an application on our computers.

  2. Lee Says:

    I use Blogger, which also has a spell checker, although I tend to rely on the spellcheck function in Firefox, my browser of choice (which btw tells me that both “spellcheck” and “btw” are misspelled). As far as I know, no blogging service offers an online grammar check, mostly for the reason Scott gives above. But seeing as it’s possible to check spelling automatically online, the advent of online grammar checking can’t be far off. Also, I tend to compose my longer posts in Word and then haul them over to Blogger. Even so, as an erstwhile editor I often find myself resenting Word’s grammar checker. Too often it misses the kinds of mistakes you describe above and keeps asking me to fix sentence fragments that aren’t actually sentence fragments.

    Best of luck on your interesting project!

  3. Mike Perry Says:

    Hi Stephanie

    You may find Windows Live Writer to be useful.

    <a href=”http://cybernetnews.com/2007/05/30/windows-live-writer-beta-2-new-inline-spell-checking-tables/”Windows Live Writer Beta 2: New Inline Spell Checking & Tables
    Windows Live Writer Beta 2 released
    Easy Blog Publishing with Microsoft Live Writer

    Or use your web browser’s spelling checking capabilities (either built-in or via a third-party app).

    Or if your use Firefox maybe take a look at ScribeFire.

    Or you could be a freak like me (just ask your dad, he will confirm that to be true) and hand code everything in a text editor.

    Take care, Mike


  4. Greg Says:

    i can’t remember if you’re a firefox user or not, but firefox has add-ons like spell check or grammar check that automatically check any text you type anywhere in the browser. it even has a feature, like in word, where you can right click the misspelled word and get suggestions on the right way to spell it. i would think that as browsers are starting to add more and more features and become more like operating systems (look at google docs with word files, spreadsheets, powerpoints,etc) rather than just windows to the internet, websites will feel less need to include things like spellcheck because they know that the users probably just have it installed in the browser.

  5. Cicilie Says:

    Like other folks, I tend to compose my notes in Word where I spell check and grammar check, and then I do the old cut-and-paste to pull entries into my blogspot page. The grammar check feature in Word used to be horrible, but I’ve found that they now allow enough customization of what parts of grammar to check, that it can be finely tuned into a pretty smart tool. Of course, this still doesn’t provide the online solution you’re looking for, but it’s a start.

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