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Product Blog: The iPhone Blog September 16, 2008

Filed under: Blogs,Marketing and Advertising — Stephanie Sheppard @ 8:02 am

Today’s example of a product blog is the iPhone blog, which actually is an entire blog only about things concerning the iPhone. According to the about section of the blog:

“The iPhone Blog features the latest iPhone news, reviews of software and accessories, an iPhone-focused podcast, and excellent forums for discussing all things iPhone.”

The iPhone is a great candidate for a product blog since there are many, many features on the iPhone that can be blogged about, and even more things associated with the product. Since the iPhone has been such a big thing recently, especially with the release of the newer 3G model, the iPhone blog is a great way to keep consumers updated. And if you haven’t noticed, there are A LOT of people crazy enough about the iPhone that they’d want updates everyday. Recent posts have discussed protective casing, Google maps software on the iPhone, comparisons with other products and the new version of iTunes.

Something I do find annoying, however, about this blog is that the posts look a lot like advertisements. That can be off-putting to a new reader and make you skip over useful content.

Speaking of the new version of iTunes… if you haven’t downloaded it already, do it! I’ve been waiting for this. iTunes 8 contains a new feature called Genius which is really… genius. The user picks a song and iTunes will form a playlist off song in your library based off that one song. If you’re familiar with Pandora, it’s basically that – except you already have the songs in your library.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Genius also has a sidebar that will find related music based on your song choice available for purchase. If enough people are suckers like me, I predict a huge increase in single songs purchased from iTunes. I’m going to work on tracking down this information, since this has to be one of the best marketing tools incorporated into a product.

Expect many more posts about Apple marketing – I’m fascinated with how quickly Apple is reeling in the younger generation and how the brand is instantly associated with anything cool. Soon enough, Apple will take over the world.


3 Responses to “Product Blog: The iPhone Blog”

  1. The folks over at BlendTec have a great site about their blender called:


    Although it’s a site, it is much like a blog. They routinely put all kinds of things in their blender to demonstrate how powerful it is. They have even blended two iPhones. The site is fun and captures the imagination of the younger generatin. It’s like when Letterman would drop stuff off of a building or run it over with a steamroller.

  2. Stephanie Sheppard Says:

    That’s a great site! An excellent example of using creativity and marketing strategy to create effective viral media. It really puts the focus on the ability of the blender, and makes you like the company that produces it.

    I first saw the video when the original iPhone came out. It was passed around like wildfire! What is it about damaging expensive and valuable things that is so entertaining?

  3. Joseph Mouton Says:

    I’ve looked at iPhones and REALLY considered getting one. I got the new LG VU (view). Pretty much, it can do everything an iPhone can do, and more. I can send picture messages. The touch feature on an iPhone is slightly more user friendly, and texting is tough getting used to on any touch phone, however I love it. Some people like new cars, new clothes, etc. I like new phones!

    I like your blog page….

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