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Insurance companies bombard Sun Devil fans September 22, 2008

Filed under: Marketing and Advertising — Stephanie Sheppard @ 3:36 pm

ASU suffered a disappointing and somewhat embarrassing loss on Saturday. As I was waiting outside the stadium (for 3 hours before the stadium doors opened!) and watching the dreadful second quarter, I took a look around at the advertising.

Since I started working for Allstate, I’ve noticed the “good hands” field goal net every game. But as I scanned the stadium this weekend, I also noticed Allstate’s banner on the field, multiple Farmers signs in the stands and several State Farm advertisements around the arena. To top this particular game off, Geico was handing out towels to the student section line that wrapped around the entire base of A Mountain.

As the students are bombarded with advertising from at least four different insurance companies, I have to wonder – does any of it stick? From what it seemed like, Geico was the only insurance advertiser that didn’t have something consistent all season long. But, those Geico towels were certainly the most appreciated form of advertising as we continued to wipe sweat off our faces throughout the entire first half… gross!


2 Responses to “Insurance companies bombard Sun Devil fans”

  1. Tim Barrios Says:

    That’s interesting that you noticed the prevalence of insurance advertising at the ASU game. On the same day, I was in Dallas at an SMU game and noted a similar overabundance of insurance advertising there as well.

    In fact, that TCU at SMU game was coined “State Farm DFW Duel” so State Farm was advertised all over the stadium.

    It must “stick” or they wouldn’t be sponsoring. College kids are a very target rich environment for products since those consumers are becoming independent from their parents, trying out other products. And, many of those product decisions last a lifetime. I know when I moved into my college dorm there was a sample package of products that I still use to this day (many years later).

  2. Stephanie Sheppard Says:

    True. College students are an excellent target for insurance companies because, as you said, they’ll soon need their own plans and have potential to be long-term customers.

    However, I think their advertising strategies need to change. All four companies at this game were just promoting brand awareness – none of the signs or towels included product or pricing information. Given that these are some of the biggest insurance companies in the Phoenix market, I doubt brand awareness is the problem.

    As a college student myself, I want to know why I should get a quote from you first?

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