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Mobile applications, adapt or die September 25, 2008

Filed under: Social Media — Stephanie Sheppard @ 6:46 pm

I recently just tried to convince my dad to get an iPhone. Although I don’t have one myself, I do have a phone with Internet access, and it has changed my life for the better. I love having constant access to all of my e-mail accounts, favorite blogs and perhaps most importantly, Google. Since my dad is a frequent traveler, I assured him that a phone with Internet access will change his life in a positive manner as well.

In light of this recent conversation, I found this article in AdAge about how companies tapping into mobile applications to increase brand affinity and engage consumers. My favorite quote from the article is:

“When creating branded mobile applications, the goal should be to provide true service and utility to consumers, not to inundate them with disruptive marketing messages.”

Integrating services with mobile phones makes it easier for people to use your product. And in my opinion, that’s the most important thing. I know I’m more inclined to use Google for a search engine on my phone because it’s so easy to navigate in mobile form.

As the article notes, Apple, AOL and other major companies are getting on board with mobile applicationsand cell phone companies are working to make it easier and easier to acquire applications. Companies feverishly trying to adapt text messaging and e-mail methods of reaching customers are far behind. Although applications may not directly tie to profits, it’s definitely a way to build brand loyalty and familiarity with services.


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