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McCain Blogette Adds Youth to Presidential Candidate October 3, 2008

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In light of the vice presidential debate tonight, today’s post references the campaign. As a college student, we are constantly told that our generation’s votes will impact the election and that young voters are dramatically increasing. It’s no surprise then, that both campaigns have reached out our way.

Regardless of political views, one tactic I admire is John McCain’s daughter’s blog, McCainBlogette. Meghan McCain, in her early twenties, has been chronicling her experiences on the campaign trail. She’s started blogging after graduating from college in May 2007.

In my opinion, this is an effective strategy to reach my generation. We’re much more Internet savvy and inclined to read blogs, and Meghan’s blog puts a youthful lens on a candidate who many my age feel is too old and outdated to govern the country. Her blog does not focus on issues at all. Rather, it includes Meghan’s iPod playlists, humanizing photos of the McCain family and fashion encounters.

Although it may not be enough to covert Obama lovers, as a girl in my early twenties, I can’t help but identify with Meghan and smile when reading her blog. It could, perhaps, jump start the line of communication between the McCain campaign and young voters and make people my age more receptive to McCain’s messaging.


2 Responses to “McCain Blogette Adds Youth to Presidential Candidate”

  1. jeanmarie Says:

    Please Meghan, talk to your father. What is all the crazy talk of bailing out poor home buyers who never should have gotten a loan anyway?…We want smaller gov’t not bigger. No more bail outs… stop. STOP

  2. jeanmarie Says:

    Talk with your advisors smart guys with some plans I wish the truth was sticking on OBama, you can give it…but you must have plan for the people, we’re hurting we did the right thing and the bad greedy people are winning and saying they did nothing.

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