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Light-rail slogan contest October 6, 2008

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According to this article on AzCentral.com, Metro light-rail and The Arizona Republic organized a slogan contest. The person with the best entry reminding people to use caution around the new tracks will win a year-long light-rail pass. The editorial staff at the Republic narrowed entries to top 10, and now the general public can vote for their favorites.

For those outside the Phoenix area, we’re in the process of constructing a city-wide light-rail system. The implementation of this new public transportation has been met with mixed reviews. Although the train is intended to reduce traffic and save riders the gas money, the never-ending construction and negative impact on small businesses in the construction areas has people riled up. In addition, many are frustrated with how long it has taken Phoenix to get with it.

This slogan contest seems like a great marketing strategy. Since light-rail is receiving so much criticism, an interactive approach is a great idea. Hopefully this will get people involved and excited about the nearly-complete routes. On top of that, the contest will bring awareness to the need for caution around light-rail areas. Since the trains are so quiet, run across major streets and people are not used to them being around, adjusting to light-rail is an important safety issue.

I hope the winning entry is a good one…


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