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Case Study: Coca-Cola’s Blog Blast ’06 October 9, 2008

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As a new member of IABC, I just received my first edition of its CW Bulletin today. One of the case studies in this edition, Walk the Talk to Sustainable Growth: Blog Blast ’06, discusses the Coca-Cola Company’s use of blogging to redefine the culture of the Coca-Cola workplace.

In 2006, Coca-Cola was seeing a decline in market share and increase in competition. In addition, the company was experiencing slow growth and large leadership changes. In an effort to increase employee engagement and improve morale, Coca-Cola invited its more than 20,000 employees worldwide to participate in a dialogue about the company’s values.

“Blog Blast ’06” used a variety of blogging tactics to achieve this goal, including asking employees to tell a story of how they personally experienced the company’s values in action. For employees who were uncomfortable with providing constructive criticism to upper-level management, organized teams could submit their ideas as a “single voice.”

The campaign ended with 2,409 posts from more than 45 countries and 136,862 page views. Using pre- and post-tests, the case study revealed:

  • Engagement increased by five percent to 79 percent
  • Diversity and fairness rose by eight percent to 77 percent
  • Communication and awareness increased by 11 percent o 76 percent
  • Performance management rose by eight percent to 76 percent
  • Leadership rose by ten percent to 64 percent

Even just two years ago, corporate blogging was a rather uncharted territory. This is a great example of a company who put together a communication plan based on measurable objectives and analyzed the effectiveness of blogging in an internal setting. Today this is much more common.


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