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Internal communication is key right now October 15, 2008

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With so much turmoil and concern about the economy, a strong emphasis needs to be placed on internal communication. An article today from PR Week reveals that many employers are not addressing the economic conditions and the impact on the company or the company’s future plans.

Especially in larger companies, it’s important for employees to feel that their employer recognizes the difficult conditions for the company and for its employees. Keeping an open line of communication will help calm employees and diffuse rumors. Clear communication of the company’s plans and efforts to remain profitable and stable during this time, as well as what employees can do specifically to further these efforts provides a great opportunity to motivate the workforce and improve workplace morale.


One Response to “Internal communication is key right now”

  1. Cicilie Says:

    “Keeping an open line of communication will help calm employees and diffuse rumors.”
    This is true. I have seen this in action. In the absence of clear communication, people will come up with their own theories, and will make assumptions about why it is that the company isn’t communicating, and then it is a slippery slope to rumor and suspicion. It can be difficult for a company to dig out of this kind of hole.

    Corporate communications help to establish that the people at the top are paying attention. It gives people a little faith. It’s not only good PR, but as you point out, sharing information makes employees feel involved. For example, when the company I work for informed everyone that the travel and expenses policy had been re-evaluated in light of economic conditions, it was not only fiscally responsible of the company and engendered respect, but by showing me the way to change my habits, the company gave me a way to feel I was contributing.

    The company I work for has 60,000+ employees. The company communicates through corporate-wide e-mail, by posting headlines on the company intranet, and by providing space for executives and other employees to blog about their work and their concerns. The internal blog spaces are very well-used and in some cases have enabled people who would not have otherwise met to collaborate and innovate – with some very interesting results. All-in-all, I don’t think a company this big could work effectively without this scale of internal communication.

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