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Claim your blog on Technorati October 16, 2008

Filed under: Blogs — Stephanie Sheppard @ 5:09 am

TodayI made a Technorati account and claimed this blog. I stumbled upon this feature as I was using Technorati to search for public relations blogs, but I didn’t know about it before. So why should you claim your blog?

Claiming your blog is a way to prove you are the author of your blog, and provide it with some credibility. In addition, it exposes your blog to a wider audience by listing it in the Technorati database and allows you to create a series of tags for your blog. Adding tags gives your blog more searchable keywords and brings about a more targeted audience.

According to Technorati:

“Claiming your blog on Technorati allows you to customize your blog’s display in our search results. You can add your photo, add a blog description, and place your blog in up to 20 categories in Blog Finder. Plus, if you claim your blog with the Technorati Embed, you can enable cool Technorati features on your site, like a search box, “blogs that link here” link, and more!”

Claiming your blog is just one way to improve visibility. More on these techniques to come, as soon as I do some research… 🙂


One Response to “Claim your blog on Technorati”

  1. Cicilie Says:

    Here’s another blog registry:

    What I’d really like to see is a system that indexes and searches only blogs, without requiring registration.

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