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Slowly but surely learning about Twitter October 16, 2008

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I learned a bunch of exciting new things about Twitter today from a Twitter-fanatic friend of mine. (You can follow him here.) I still hadn’t figured out why anyone would want to be that tuned in to what everyone you know – and even people you don’t know – is doing at every minute. So when I saw him on campus, I asked. As a computer science major, he was happy to enlighten me.

First, he said he uses Twitter to follow people who tweet about things he is interested in. Just by searching key words, he finds answers to his questions and new information about products he uses and things he likes. (I suppose this is where the “people you don’t know” comes in.)

Secondly, if you complain about a company or product, there’s a good chance people from the company will respond to you. He supported this with a story about his tweet that complained about a feature in Safari. Someone who works for them contacted him to learn more about his complaint. As I mentioned before in a previous post, PR professionals are smart to monitor Twitter for brand reputation management and maintaining relationships with customers. Excellent job on behalf of Safari!

Finally, as I was complaining that Twitter is no more than a Facebook status that I have to update additionally, Alan pointed me to the Facebook application that allows you to update your Facebook status via Twitter. Since I’m a highly-addicted Facebook user, this information was best of all. I’ll also soon look into a way to update your Twitter status via Facebook.

I wish they taught us this stuff in our public relations classes. I’d sign up for a social media class in a second! Hopefully it’s coming soon for future students because I have a feeling knowledge of this will be essential to the PR profession sooner rather than later.


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