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Palin on SNL October 21, 2008

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So… she finally did it. As a regular SNL viewer, I’ve been highly anticipating Sarah Palin’s appearance on the show. But I must say, I was very underwhelmed!

Palin’s decision to go on the show was a good PR move, because it shows she can laugh at herself, isn’t offended by Tina Fey’s jokes and can appeal to a younger crowd. Some argue that this isn’t the kind of attention a political candidate wants, but I don’t think her appearance will have any negative impact on her image. I do however, think she missed the opportunity for a positive boost.

On the show, she didn’t even do anything! She hardly said anything besides “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night.” Judging by SNL’s exceptionally high ratings this weekend, I wasn’t the only one hoping for a throw down skit between Sarah Palin and Tina Fey. Or at least a parody of 30 Rock with Palin acting as Fey’s character…

If she had more lines or acted in a real skit, I think it would have made people talk a lot more and improved her image. It was almost as if SNL didn’t think she’d be competent enough to actually do something besides pump her arms to Amy Poehler’s rap…. Judge for yourself.



One Response to “Palin on SNL”

  1. averagetodd Says:

    It was hard for me to tell if Palin really understood how much everyone was making fun of her. I mean, she is a good sport but I think some of it kind of went over her head. It was good PR though. She didn’t look foolish, and that is probably enough at this point to improve her image.

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