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ASU President Works to Ease Student Uncertainty October 22, 2008

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In a previous post, I commented on importance of communication between company leadership and employees during this time of economic instability. Yesterday, Michael Crow, President of Arizona State University, sent  this video message to all students regarding the economic situation’s affect the university. This kind of communication to students is vital as financial struggles and anticipated tuition hikes may be forcing some students to consider working full-time instead of paying for school.

The video message was a great PR move and very well-done. It honestly (from what I can tell) addressed issues that students care about. Crow spoke calmly and openly about the university’s continued dedication to quality education and full course offerings, approach to dealing with reduced state funding and plan to increase tuition, but not at a dramatic level. He also spoke about financial aid, saying there should not be any changes to access or amount distributed.

The video ended with Crow saying:

“All and all I think my most important message to you is that we are weathering the storm up to this point very well, you’re well-protected, you’re well-positioned, we are staying focused on our tuition model and you can expect that kind of predictability from us.”

He also urged students to contact their financial aid advisor if they’re experience financial struggles or have strains in their families.


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