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Do your homework… or else! October 23, 2008

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Often in PR, a large portion of our job lies around securing positive media coverage for our client. To do this, PR professionals typically work to let media know about what’s going on with their client. Although if done correctly this can be very effective, many PR professionals don’t stick to the rules. You hear about it time and time again – PR practitioners pitching client news that doesn’t fit with what the reporter or even the entire publication covers.

There’s no reason that the transportation reporter at the Arizona Republic wants to hear about a donation made by a large clothing store to a local nonprofit. Before you pitch media, make sure to do your homework. If you’re not regularly reading the publications you pitch, at least Google the reporter to familiarize yourself with topics he or she covers. If you don’t, the media gets very annoyed and your pitch could end up on the infamous Bad Pitch Blog.

Richard Laermer and Kevin Dugan author the Bad Pitch Blog, where they expose poorly crafted pitches forwarded to them by media personnel across the nation. And they don’t just post bad print and TV pitches, the same rules apply to pitching bloggers, too.


One Response to “Do your homework… or else!”

  1. Kevin Dugan Says:

    Stephanie – thanks for the link. we’re also trying to make the site a resource for learning what not to do. our goal, while a bit pollyanna, is to end bad pitches altogether.

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