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YouTube and Coldplay contest October 24, 2008

Filed under: Public Relations,Social Media — Stephanie Sheppard @ 11:47 pm
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I know this isn’t exactly a new development, but I’m still constantly amazed at how video editing software and YouTube have made video creating, which was previously reserved for people who knew how to use fancy cameras and edit well, available to the masses. Actually, it’s just like blogging – but with videos. Almost anyone can do it without much training.

It’s also interesting to see just how dominant YouTube is for video posting. Just recently, the band Coldplay launched a contestasking fans to submit creative videos for their new single “Lost”, upload them to YouTube and then e-mail the link to the band. They didn’t say upload them to the Internet and e-mail link – they specified YouTube.

On another note, I think interactive contests are always a good idea – provided you can actually get good entries. With a band as popular as Coldplay, I’ll be looking forward to seeing what people come up with. The band has encouraged a lot of creativity. Click here for contest guidelines.


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