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Northeast papers trying to ditch AP October 29, 2008

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According to this post on Daily Kos(a well-known political blog), some major newspapers in the Northeast are considering ditching the Associated Press in favor of creating their own content exchange system. Daily Kos sites Editor and Publisher’s article:

“Top executives and editors from several major dailies in the Northeast, dissatisfied with The Associated Press, met recently to discuss the formation of a content-sharing agreement that in several cases would serve in place of their AP agreements, E&P has learned from top executives at three of the papers.

A “Northeast Consortium” of newspapers, which will include New York’s Daily News and — at least at the present time — is said to include Newsday, The Buffalo News, the Times-Union of Albany, N.Y., and the Star Ledger of Newark, N.J., among others, is weeks away from announcing a content-sharing arrangement that will include both stories and photos […]

One executive who spoke on condition of anonymity and who attended the “summit” of New York-area papers, held in Manhattan within the past two weeks, cited cost savings, more timely exchange of content, and what that executive called “a new spirit of cooperation” as the primary motivations for such an undertaking. This source referred to the “Draconian terms” of the AP, which last Thursday responded to newspapers’ concerns by announcing further rate cuts and restructuring.”

Since content sharing has been made virtually instantaneous and become much easier since the beginning on AP, I’m wondering if more people will get in on this idea. If they do, there could be a major impact on the media industry. On the other hand, as newspaper revenues and staffs continue to dwindle, is this something journalists can realistically take on in addition to writing quality stories? I’m interested to find out. I suppose it could mean that pitching journalists at these publications provides the opportunity to reach a much larger audience.


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