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Happy Halloween! October 31, 2008

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Happy Halloween everyone! Halloween is my favorite holiday — besides my birthday, of course. I think I like it so much because it can be as big or little of a deal or as you like.

We have some great costumes at the office. My favorite is the DSD department that dressed up in a four weddings and a funeral theme. There are four dead (and bloody) brides and a grim reaper. My office-appropriate costume today is Mrs. Gilbert Arenas, complete with a big fake rock and Photoshopped picture of the two of us on my desk.

There truly is a blog for everything. In celebration of Halloween, I’m linking to a blog entirely about candy corn. Check it out – there are cool recipies and a bunch of fun information.


One Response to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. I love Halloween too. My post today was about why Christians (which I am) should lighten up and join the festivities.

    I found your blog while looking for other big fans of Halloween. I will bookmark your site to read later, and maybe subscribe..

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