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Obama changes campaign tactics forever November 7, 2008

Many say that Obama’s online campaign tactics propelled him to victory, and that this campaign will have a lasting impact on political campaigns to come. I agree.

As reported in a recent article, PRWeek surveyed PR pros who said they think this new way of highly-interactive campaigning with focused messaging and social media involvement is here to stay.

“Obama’s campaign was widely lauded for having a keen understanding of new media, the epicenter of the conversation-driven media. According to data compiled by the Wall Street Journal, Obama had nearly double the number of unique visitors to his Web site compared with McCain. It also showed that Obama’s Facebook network topped more than 2 million while McCain was just shy of 600,000. The story was similar on their YouTube channels.”

I credit Obama’s positive message of and consistent slogan and symbol. The “Yes We Can” theme started from the beginning and followed through all the way to the end. If there’s one thing I’ve learning about branding, it’s that consistency wins.

“Jeff Mascott, MD at the Adfero Group and an adjunct PR/communications professor at Georgetown University, says, ‘What’s interesting is [Obama] was the first candidate to come up with a visual brand for his campaign in the same way you would for a corporate brand.'”

I’m glad to see the power of branding and marketing online taking such a national stage. Still, not many major corporations are grasping the effectiveness of social media and interactive approaches. I wouldn’t doubt that Obama’s success makes the business of the world who aren’t putting efforts toward social media reevaluate their marketing plans.


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