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Barnes and Nash suspended November 14, 2008

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Basketball is pretty much the only thing on my mind today, especially since tonight is the season opener for ASU basketball – and it’s at home.

The other big basketball news today is that both Matt Barnes and Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns received suspensions today for a fight that took place Wednesday against the Houston Rockets. Barnes will sit out two games and Nash will be out tonight’s game. There was a lot of talk about it this morning and the office, and it got me to thinking about handling these types of situations from a PR standpoint.

This kind of thing happens frequently, so I’m sure there is a media and interview plan for every team. But so often it seems things go wrong. Journalists are eager for interviews and players get angry about the situation or the fines/suspensions and say something that puts the organization in a bad PR spot. (Anyone remember when Shaq misspelled period?)

I think in this case, the Suns are doing a good job of maintaining the situation. They’re not shutting out media interviews and Nash, Barnes and coach Terry Porter have voiced their disagreement with the actions taken in interviews – but not in an inappropriate way that will damage the Suns reputation.

I do, however, think the Suns are in a better position than some other teams because they’re not known for fighting or poor off-the-court conduct like some others are.


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