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Shaq on Twitter November 25, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Stephanie Sheppard @ 10:14 pm

This is the best find all year. The Diesel is on Twitter. See his profile here.

Not only is it “cool” to be following a famous person, but his tweets made my roommate and I laugh so hard that we cried as we read them.

Recent gems include:

  • “My genius is 1 percent inspiration 99 percent perspiration Shaquille o’neal” (Apparently, he includes his name in tweets he thinks are colloquial.)
  • I called my main man figs son bcuz da xcellence of a gift lies n its approiateness ratha than its value” (Is this English?)
  • “Im wearing a jacket dat says 1946, a lady asked me wat it means, i replied, mam its the yr i was born. Lol” (Even Shaq uses the infamous “Lol.”)

But all this got me to wondering… how can you be sure it’s really “the real Shaq?” There isn’t a good way that I can think of to keep people from impersonating celebrities on the Internet. I have a sneaky suspicion that if it WERE the REAL Shaq, the Suns public relations staff would like to see what exactly he’s writing on Twitter.

But then again, maybe they do. Maybe there’s already some sort of code of conduct about what he can and cannot say. There should probably be a standard one for the entire NBA, because if players are saying bad things about coaches, other players, etc. it could build a bad image for the league. If there is already a code, apparently it doesn’t specific that they must use correct spelling and grammar.


2 Responses to “Shaq on Twitter”

  1. At Autodesk we do have a bloggers code of conduct. It is an internal document that we do not share, but it has common sense items in it like be truthful, stick to what you know, and remember that some of your blog readers consider you “the voice of Autodesk” even though our blogs are really just our personal thoughts. Autodesk has over 40 employee blogs.

  2. “Baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical. ”
    Yogi Berra

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