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Value of Customer Service December 15, 2008

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During a drive home over the weekend, I was rear-ended and pushed into a vehicle in front of me. You would think that since I work for an insurance company, I’d know exactly what to do. But of course, I didn’t. Luckily, all parties involved were very nice and waiting on the side of the road in the cold with me for more than an hour to file a police report. (Yes, that’s how long it took for DPS to arrive.)

Per the officer’s instructions, I called my insurance company the following day to file a claim (even though the accident was not my fault). The representative I talked to seemed annoyed to be on the phone with me, couldn’t find an adjuster anywhere near my house and had a hard time answering my questions.

After scheduling an appointment with one of my insurance company’s adjusters at the end of the Earth and at an inconvenient time, the person at fault’s insurance company called me. This person was extremely helpful, sent me links to online databases of approved car repair places so I could pick one wherever I’d like and even told me what to do to close my claim with my insurance company.

I couldn’t believe the stark difference in customer service. You wouldn’t think you’d receive excellent treatment from a competing company. It occurred to me that insurance is one of the few industries where competitors have to contact other company’s customers all the time. This is a huge opportunity to show superior customer service and win additional customers. Especially since being involved in a car accident is already frustrating, good customer service can go a long way. After my experience, I am certainly considering switching. We’ll see how this all pans out after my car is fixed…


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