A Blog About Blogs

An undergraduate thesis about blogging, public relations, marketing and social media

This Blog September 4, 2008

What? A blog about blogs? Why?

As part of the Barrett Honors College requirements at Arizona State University, I’m required to complete an honors thesis. Since I’ve recently become interested in blogging and how it relates to public relations and marketing communication, “A Blog About Blogs” is my thesis.

I will post each business day about topics of interest to me – primarily blogging, public relations, marketing, social media and current events. As I blog, I’m learning. Things will start slow with blogging basics and pick up as I learn more. By the end of the semester, I’ll be a wiz at this – and perhaps you, too. Enjoy and please leave comments!


2 Responses to “This Blog”

  1. This will be an interesting adventure. I have added your RSS feed to my reader, so I can easily get regular updates.

  2. kevin dankwardt Says:

    Interesting. I searched for “blog about blogs” on Google and got 18,500 hits. Including one called theblogblog.net

    Also I ran your first entry in


    to see how that worked. You paste text into it and can then spell or grammar check. About as easy/hard as using MS Word, I’d say.

    You may find its advice amusing. Firstly, it complains that blogging is misspelled and should instead be “bogging”. It also complains about the subject “start” and verb “slow” conflicting and advises one to say “start slows” instead. Looks like automatic grammar checking is sometimes not such a good idea.

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