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Good riddance, Rudy December 6, 2008

Filed under: Public Relations — Stephanie Sheppard @ 1:53 am

Tomorrow’s rival football game against the Arizona Wildcats will be Rudy Carpenter’s last game as a Sun Devil. And so many of us are all too ready to see him go. I’m willing to bet ASU’s PR team is ecstatic.

Despite that according to the stats Carpenter will leave as one of the better quarterbacks in Sun Devil history, he was loudly booed by the student section when he came out of the tunnel during last week’s “senior night” game. Although many are disappointed with his performance this season, that’s not the reason he’s so hated by students and fans alike. If Rudy weren’t such a hot head both on and off the field, I guarantee he’d start receiving the respect that he feels he deserves.

From throwing off his helmet, cursing at the student section from the sidelines, throwing drinks and start fights at ASU mens’ basketball games, Rudy’s behavior in his past four years has been one headache after another for ASU athletics. Just this weekend, Rudy was tossed from a high school girls’ basketball game for heckling the ref and using foul language. Way to go out with a bang.

I know his behavior affects donations to ASU athletic programs and the university’s reputation as a whole. Good riddance, Rudy. We won’t miss you.


One Response to “Good riddance, Rudy”

  1. In addition to his awful attitude and behavior, his passes are off the mark. I just don’t get why this guy is even considered good.

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