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About Me October 16, 2008

My name is Stephanie Sheppard. I’m a senior at Arizona State University majoring in journalism and mass communication with an emphasis in public relations. Originally from the Bay Area of California, I’ve grown to love Arizona and the weather that comes with it. In the little free time that college provides, I like to attend ASU athletic events and go on road trips.

I’m currently interning at Allstate’s Southwest Regional office in Phoenix. Previously, I’ve interned with the American Liver Foundation, Maricopa County’s Department of Transportation and Denise Resnik & Associates (a Phoenix-based public relations agency).

Find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.


One Response to “About Me”

  1. Hi Stephanie, I ran across your blog because of your customer service piece. Many years ago my husband and I lived in Tempe and my husband taught sociology at ASU for about 7 years.

    My site is in redesign, ordinarily it is http://www.SalonVoices.com. We are providing customer satisfaction surveys to hair salons and spas to expand their brand. The resulting data from their customers will be delivered in a form that allows salon/spa owners to compare their performance with that of all other salons/spas that administer the survey. Salon customers will be able to take the survey online or via their iphones/pda’s

    Wish us luck…

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